Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Backyard Friend

I've been feeling a little down lately- not sure why- probably a bunch of little things all adding up- and then being magnified by hormonal slump on top of it all...
so last night- I pulled  a VERY old book off the shelf- for  a little inspiration

and it totally helped:)  I got a couple of Sark's books back in high school should check them out- they are the perfect before-bed reading material!

Back on topic:
We have been spending the past couple days outside- which has been wonderful- especially after a week of rain.  I was weeding while the kids played yesterday and came across this little guy...

I have a major affinity for "mini-creatures" and my children do as well- so we were all talking to this little snail in teeny-tiny voices, squeaking and cooing at it like a puppy- a little absurd:)

It kept us occupied for about 30 minutes- until we decided he would be happy and safe in the hydrangea plant.
The possible names we brainstormed:
#1- Snaily
#2- Cinderella
(both Z's recommendations, in case you couldn't tell)

But, isn't this one of tiniest little snails you've ever seen?! (pardon my old man hands- old because they are covered in an elephant skin, and man because they are as big as most men's- you get what you get- and I'm not upset- just thought you deserved an explanation).

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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  1. ha ha! Love you hannah!!!!!!! - sherry