Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Oldie But a Goodie, Spring and a Flower Baby!

So- D recently ordered a Sesame Street sing along video for the kids- it arrived this week- and I have to say I literally was in tears when the song below came on- I was caught off guard- (granted I was a little PMSy)- I still started crying- out of pure nostalgia.

We were a big CPTV family growing up. Having grown up with Sesame Street-first watching it myself as a preschooler and then re-watching it when my little sister came along 8 years after me- I am VERY familiar with the show.
Although I am not a fan of children watching a lot of TV- we are not a TV free house (although sometimes I am tempted). 
 Sesame Street is still one of my favorite kid shows- and I LOVE how they still have a lot of the same actors from when I was kid...it makes me think they must have a pretty incredible TV family-thing going on to keep the same people on the show for 20+ years...anyhow- does anyone remember this song????  LOVE the message:) I know my Sissy's will love this almost as much as me!

Spring is HERE!!! At long last...I haven't taken a whole bunch of pictures yet this season- but it was a nice warm rainy spring day last week when I took these shots.  There are some beautiful flowering trees in our yard- that literally litter the walks with petals- I feel like I'm in my own personal wedding every time I get the mail:)

Late last week my friend Linnea came by with her newest Angel- 6 weeks old.  She's just precious- it brought me right back.  I was honored to make a flower hat for her to wear and take pictures of the beautiful Flower Baby...so sweet!

I did the same thing a couple times with Zella-first at 5 weeks...

then again at 5 months with my photographer friend Denise (she's amazing- check out her website!) and her baby Eva.

Speaking of nostalgic- I can't believe how big my little Angel Girl is and that she was once my little Angel Baby...


  1. Beautiful post! Love everything here!

  2. Wow. This whole post brought me back- you were right about the SS song! And kittle baby Z! Her and Eva are so cute in the photo.

  3. oh my goodness, what adorable babies. Wish I had done something like this when my kids were little.