Monday, May 23, 2011

The Story Of Us

It's been 7 years- to the day, that D and I have been married- it's a little crazy to think about really.  We have been "together" in total, nearly 12 years- now that's REALLY crazy!- nearly half my life!

I thought it best to do a list about my man, here it goes:
  1. Aquarius (best aquarian quality- humanitarian, can talk to anyone! & worst aquarian quality- tie between emotionally detached (at times) & inability to compromise (I think this one might be a Scorpio quality as well;)
  2. appreciates freshly baked sweet goodies
  3. likes cherries and strawberries;)
  4. super-calm headed
  5. thoughtful gift giver
  6. inability to identify famous people accurately (i.e Shakiel Oneil/Sammy Sosa)
  7. good at making decisions
  8. curious
  9. always up for an adventure
  10. hard worker (with a little encouragement)
  11. super-duper Daddy
  12. excellent launderer (of clothing)
  13. great vision & ambition
  14. female fashion critic extraordinaire (years of retail experience during college years;)
  15. supportive of my passionate, feisty, fiery, cranky, sometimes difficult matter what...
Since before we tied the knot, I have been creating a book for him- there have been multiple editions to it- as we grow as a family.  I started making it in 2003- right after we got engaged, and update it every few years or so:)
(I love making books- I will do a post in the future of my method and other little books I've made...)

"The Story of Us"

At one point in time- when I was running out of space- I took the original pages and put them into a new book- with extra pages in the back- above is the back cover with the dates of new editions.

and below are the very first 2 pages- explaining our love story:)

and a couple more favorite memories...our wedding ( I used one of my favorite wedding shots as the inspiration for this illustration)

and our first house, which we still own- and I sometimes wish we still lived in:)

and, of course our Angelbabies...

I could not ask for a better partner to be traveling with on this journey. 
I love you B- with all my heart


  1. awww, happy anniversary to an amazing couple! you are an inspiration, dear.

  2. sweetest post ever! :) - Sherry

  3. Happy happy happy anniversary!!! Ours is Wednesday, 20 years;0