Sunday, May 1, 2011


SO- this morning at 7am- before heading off to work I dropped my canvas babies (i.e paintings) off at Tisane!!!!!  The show should be up by tomorrow night at the latest!  This is seriously SO exciting for me.
My Love, not only survived living with me in my stressed out state- but also helped me get ready for the show, all while  preventing me from loosing my mind.  He was certainly a trooper- assisting with the hanging process for the 13 pieces in the show.

This is actually our dining room (a.k.a- children's art studio and parking lot of 4 various riding toys due to the VERY long winter. We turned it into a frame shop around 10:30 pm a couple nights ago, and with teamwork we were able to get it done in an hour!

It's been a LONG week for sure. Slightly stressful (although in the most productive and exciting sense of the word). The prep work for this show- on top of all of the other daily tasks, (and few extra commitments) was a bit much- but now that the pieces have been delivered I am feeling a sense of relief and cannot wait to for me and Lola Rain's upcoming show this weekend at my house! Please stop by if you are in the Hartford area- we'd love to see you! Email me for the address! (hdunnackjackson(at)gmail(dot)com) Saturday 12-4pm- children welcome!

It was tough deciding which paintings to keep at my house for the show- and which to display at Tisane- in all, there are 13 at Tisane and 17 at the house show.
Here are a few of my choices for the Tisane show....

Please stop by Tisane some time in the next couple months- check out my work, have a cup of tea and some delicious food!

Cheers to art shows! WhoooHOooooo!

OH- and I almost forgot...HAPPY MAY DAY!!!!  Yes- we celebrate in our family...more on that later in the week!


  1. They are all gorgeous!!! Number three is my most favorite! Job well done, Best of luck!!

  2. so exciting!!!!! congratulations! your art should be seen by as many people as possible. you are so talented!