Monday, May 16, 2011

Ink Blot Commision

A few weeks back I received a lovely email from a customer who saw my Decoded ink blot painting here- on the LGN feature.  She wondered if I would sell the painting- my response- HECK YEAH!  Even better- I offered to make a custom piece (which I honestly like even more than the first one).

So- after the art shows had come and gone- I was able to get started on the project- which I finished earlier today- I LOVE how it worked out- It was a fun a process- and Stephanie was a great customer- we emailed back and forth mid progress- and I was able to customize the piece to her liking.   So exciting!  Check it out-

also check out her fabulous blog- this post is a design board for a super-unique and chic living room- which has a couple of my paintings in it.  I particulary love the navy couch with the touches of gold in the print, ceiling lamp, and awesome draperies.  LOVE the look of the room!!!  I can't wait to see the print in her space!

Thanks so much Stephanie!  It was a pleasure working with you!

Contact me if you're interested in a custom monoprint!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking back to my blog and posting this! I'm super excited to add this painting to our living room! You were amazing to work with and I'll definitely be back for more!