Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not A Whole Lotta Dining Happining Here

In our dining room that is...
it was the one and only room that we did not repaint before moving in (21/2 years ago) because we have this big "dream" that we will one day take the wall down between the kitchen and dining room and turn that side of the house into a huge custom kitchen/entertaining I guess you could say we've been "waiting" for this huge renovation to happen...which will not be happening for a VERY LONG TIME.

The room is currently used for children's art, storing table linens and extra kitchenware, sunning house plants, driving cozy coupes, the occasional roller skating...that's about it.  Eating does not happen in here.

I recently had a change of heart- during the art show Lola had her work hung in the "dining room art gallery" and I saw the tremendous potential- and in turn, the waste of space that was occurring!

Then I watched a DVR'd episode of Color Splash Miami- and the couple that David was working with used the Viceroy Miami as their inspiration- it's a crazy-gorgeous hotel in Miami designed by Kelly Wearstler- it's insane! They showed the amazing lobby/elevator hallway and it hit me....
TOTAL INSPIRATION!!!! Here's a peek from their website

and here is my very first "inspiration board" for the space:

The sources:

Wall mural inspiration: Viceroy Miami (free- since I'll be painting it;)
Rug: Pottery Barn, twisted albaca rug ($559 for an 8'x10')
Roman Bamboo shade: JC Penny ( $24.99-55.99 depending on size)
Settee: Shades of Light, found via Elements Of Style ($2,499)
Chandelier: Regina Andrews, at Tonic Home ($1685.00- Uhhhh this is a wish list item:)
Dining Table: Ebay ($650.00)
Dining chairs: West Elm wrap chair in tumeric ($79.00)
Drapery fabric: F.Schumacher, Durance embroidery
Settee fabric: F. Shumacher, Wired
Chest of Drawers: vintage family heirloom

I also plan on redoing the whole "built in buffet" thing we have going on...

Ill keep you posted on my progress!

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  1. your inspirational board is wonderful! wow for Viceroy Miami!