Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Pooped!

I feel like I am still recovering (in regard to lack of energy)- all the anticipation and preparation of 2 shows in 1 week was a bit much- but I made it through unscathed!

The show was on Saturday- and it went off without a hitch.  It was a really a great experience.

#1- My house was the cleanest it's been in a while- thanks to my lovely hubby taking the kids to Grammy's for the morning so I could furiously clean top to bottom- always a satisfying task- that should be done more frequently!

#2- It was SO nice to share my art with so many amazing people in my life.  I feel so grateful to have such lovely friends and family who are supporting and encouraging me on my artistic journey:)  Thank you so much for attending the show, and all of your kind words and feedback- you made my day!

#3- It was pretty cool for my house to turn into an art gallery overnight!  I don't want to take the work down!

Here are some shots of my work on the living room walls...

Co-host Lola Rain posted on the show over at her blog today too- her work looked fabulous!

Here is how I spent the night before (which MAY or MAY NOT have contributed to my extreme exhaustion)
Although my sister who was over that night to help hang the work advised against it- I knew my mind would be at ease if I put at least 1 coat of paint on these banisters...
I had spent a night last week meticulously taping them (something I avoid at all costs when painting simply because I am instant gratification type of gal:) but I knew was nessecary when we are talking about 1.5 inches of space between the rungs.

"There was NO WAY I was leaving them looking like that with a bunch of people visiting my house"....(this is how I get when I have a bunch of people visiting my house:)

I will say this....I don't think anyone even noticed the fact that they were painted- but I noticed, and I felt more at peace that it was done.  I will also say that if you think painting trim is should not give this a try- let's put it this way- it took a homemade Margarita and the Adele CD on repeat 3x's to get me through it:)

The weekend ended with a lovely family dinner Saturday night, banana bread and green tea, crumbs and snuggles in bed the next morning, and visit with a very dear friend and a new little super-smiley angel baby- which simply made my super-busy weekend- almost perfect.


  1. Moving artwork! Gorgeous home, perfect for an art gallery. Inspiration abounded, well done ladies!

  2. The show was fabulous and I loved seeing both your work and Lola Rain's up in your home! I know it was a ton of work but it was well worth it- great job!