Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Reupholstered Our Fridge

...for the following reasons:

#1- it's disgusting- it was here when we bought the house, it was painted with flat white paint to hide the rust and crust that was on it when we moved in (painted by the previous owners)

#2- I bought a new fridge last week- and when it was delivered, found out it wouldn't fit through the interior doors that lead to the kitchen- I took this as a sign (to hold off on the financial plunge that a new fridge requires) and returned it (my biggest return to-date).

So after having my dream fridge sent back- I really couldn't stand looking at the old fridge I started thinking of a way to spice it up...
Here's the background history. On a couple recent blog posts I saw various ways of recovering fridges. Jenny from Little Green Notebook had this great run down of various ways to cover them up- from contact paper- to cork- check it out!
Then I saw this other tutorial on covering a door with fun fabric- also a great post- check it out! (This is the method I ended up using).

This morning I woke up inspired and decided to run (to Walmart) before the inspiration left me- and purchased 4 yards of fabric and box of cornstarch- $26 vs. $1000+, I really do LOVE a bargain! Here's what I found-

it's a stretch jersey tie-dye/ikaty print in brown, pink and cream.
FYI: (I would not recommend stretchy fabric- it was tougher to work with then I can imagine non-stretch fabric would have been)
Not my ideal fabric, but it worked in the scheme of our kitchen (which is quite limited considering the pink floor tile, back splash and counter tops-CRINGE) I will not bore you with all of the inspiration shots I have of my dream kitchen- but I will tell you that the thought of it is one of the things that keeps me plowing through this grad school endeavour;)

                                             BEFORE                                               AFTER

Not my dream kitchen by any stretch of the imagination- but a whole heck of a lot better than what it was!

What do you think?


  1. It's crazy- in a really fabulous way!

  2. I don't know where you get your energy and I'm very impressed by your creativity, Hannah!