Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Beach Donut Type of Day

Yes indeed it was!
Beach Donut is located in Clinton CT, on Rt.1, in a little strip mall...and it is worth the trip (45 min. for us)...even in December. It's worth the trip if you are a donut lover like me-(and I mean real donuts, not from a mix Dunkin Donut Donuts type of donuts). You can tell I am serious about my donuts!
One day- when my life is less insane- I will teach myself how to make real donuts...but until then- I have to drive.

Mom- this cinnamon cruller was devoured in your honor;)

The only thing that trumps my love affair with Beach Donut- is my love affair with the actual beach:) I love going in all seasons. When I woke up this morning and the sun lite up our bedroom- despite the blackout roman shades- I had a feeling it would be a good winter beach day- and was it ever...
The life guard stands were the first thing we ecountered. They were being stored for the winter in the dunes near the parking lot. (The kids immediately figured they were climbing structures), and climb they did indeed!

We even stopped a second time before going back into the car:)

My little red riding hoods quickly warmed up in the December sun.

the tiniest tinkle shell ever

my winter beachy Angelbabies

and we also brought along the old boy- my original baby- Beau. He's been having some trouble getting around lately (old age related issues- he's 11). But he loves the beach almost as much as I do- he was so happy to run around in the sand with us.

I took the following 3 shots of him after reading Erin's post the other day on Elements of Style. I love the idea of having a huge closeup shot of him in our house. Which shot is your favorite?

 He has the sweetest soul.

Below are my two most recent paintings. I finished them last month- dreamy, watery landscapes. I was inspired when driving to work one weekend morning.

While I really wish I could spend my days painting, and playing on the beach with the Angels- instead I am sequestered each night in the dining room/office I have set up- meticulously studying object relations theory for an upcoming presentation (next Tuesday)- wondering if deciding to go back to school was the right one...

it's not easy, or frequent- but I am still attempting to squeeze in some artistic time to myself- otherwise I would loose it completely. I am working on a dyptic right now for a family member/client, and I am super excited about a mural project I'll be doing on Sunday!! I'll be sure to share some shots next week after my presentation is done!


  1. those donut pictures are pure torture to a pregnant lady! holy crap i want one BAD!! i like the first and last pictures of beau…i got tears in my eyes when i saw him hobbling around when i was leaving the other day:( LOVE your new paintings—the fluid quality is so dreamy. it works really well as a landscape! p.s. that is A LOT of work on your table….yikes! good luck!

  2. Your new paintings are quite captivating, esp the first, so spilly and pretty. I love the second and last shots of beau. Also Z is stunning, what a lovely capture!

  3. picture #1--he looks curious. And those donuts look so tasty.

  4. I love the second and last captures of Beau. LOVE the paintings... your work is so inspiring.

  5. aww Beau- those pictures are all wonderful! I like the first one best!

  6. I like the one of him running best. Not sure if that's one of the options for being blown up but it's my favorite and captures his playful spirit. Ohh little Beaubeau- my true love.