Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Project File: Bamboo Bench

I started this project waaayyy back in the summer....and it's really somewhat sad that it's taken me this long to finally finish it! That being said...I am glad that it's done, love how it turned out- and it's pretty comfy to boot!

Here's what I started with:
It was a $30 antique store steal that my mom and I found while on our beach vacation (read more about it the initial process here)

I started with a coat of spray primer

Then 2 coats of peacock blue spray paint
Then I bought this insanely amazing fabric , Oceania in Aqua, Lewis and Sheron Textiles

I have been drooling over it since I first layed eyes on it- because the above pic from the website was simply a closeup of the octopus- I figured it was a bunch of peacock blue octopi(s?), but was pleasantly surprised to see all the other fun creatures when the fabric arrived!

So- after the initial spraying, the project sat in the garage for MONTHS.
Then, last week, after paper writing, and working all weekend- I felt a need for creative expression. I had D cut a piece of plywood we had in the basement while I was at work.
Then I rummaged around and recycled some carpet foam and a piece of a mattress pad I had left over from another project- and went to town!

The electric knife I borrowed from my parents was a dream at the cutting foam- highly recommended!!

Then I folded the fabric over the foams, pulled taught, and stapled all the way around.

The corners we a little tricky. I trimmed them...

Then folded them over and stapled into place

TA DA!!!

I had a little helper boy!

and here's the finished piece in front of the Christmas tree:)
Oh- and we put 4 L-brackets on the bottom to attach the seat to the bench!

Another look at the lamp I mentioned in my previous post. It's from West Elm- here's the link.
I was conflicted about which lamp to get- (I had it narrowed down to my top 2 choices). I went with the lamp below for a couple reasons:
#2-cheaper than the other one
#3- more casual/modern vibe for the room

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  1. I think the bench came out really lovely. I am also intrigued by that light fixture. If we were staying here I think I might do something similar. (But we aren't so I'll just have to admire it at your house.)