Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snownado 10/11 and Halloween #1 of 2

The snownado came in earlier expected Saturday afternoon. Driving home from work at 5pm was scary- 1 lane of traffic on the highway.  Scariest was what I saw when I got home- already on our street there were trees down all over the place- branches everywhere and the worst was still to come...
We lost power around 6pm and started to prepare for a long winters fall night.

We got the fire roaring in the fireplace which thankfully warmed things up. The kids were snug in their jammies- playing with Duplo blocks and reading Christmas books...

...(Zella was reading the self titled book- Beau and Baby Jesus to the dog;)

We spent the night snuggled in front of the fire on various couches/cushions- with numerous blankets to keep us all toasty...and we woke up to this less-than-lovely scene...

It literally was as if a snownado had blown through much of the northeast. So many trees and power lines down- so much damage.  Honestly- I felt bad for all of the trees.  Many of which,  in our yard still had all of their summer leaves on them (hence the incredible amount of damage).

I had to work Sunday- so we made the executive decision to clear as much as we could of the snow/ice and head to my parents (who THANKFULLY) have power.  We have been there ever since.  I went back on Monday to reassess the damage and take more pictures- here is the scene without all the snow.

you cannot access the children's playhouse...
and the saddest thing is that the playscape got crushed in numerous spots:(

the branch in the shot above is down in the neighbors yard in back of us- it reminds me of a's HUGE-  it's just a branch from a tree and it's literally as tall as their 3 story house! INSANE!!

One thing I will say about all of this mess- despite the lack of power, the crazy lines at the gas stations, the cold nights, the tree massacre in my back yard, the amount of clean up we have a head of us, and the huge could always be worse.
We are safe, we are warm, we are together as a family, and I am grateful.

Halloween was postponed in town until Saturday- and since we are currently residing at Shuggie and Pop's (40 min.s away)- we still celebrated Halloween on Monday- I called it a "trial run".  I barely finished the costumes- but I got it done.

May I introduce you to Starbright Rainbow Starbright- the Ballerina Unicorn!!

(The gorgeous sweater was recently finished by Shug- and was the perfect topper for the costume on this unusually chilly/snowy Halloween night!)

She's a little spooked in this shot- I think she saw a ghost!

and- I don't know what is up with my camera settings- but capturing a pic of the frequent prancing was tough...

but capturing a picture of the Cookie-Boy was even tougher!!! He refused to wear the costume (his idea- I swear! He's been requesting it for weeks). We had fun- but I will say there's nothing like trick or treating in the close to city suburbs (where we live). Out in the country (where my parents live) it took us 2 hours and we only hit 6 houses! In and out of the car/carseats and driving to relatives houses is tedious!

I hope everyone is holding up okay- despite the crazy end of October snowstorm-that will surely go down in history!!

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