Friday, May 13, 2011

New Etsy Shop Stuff

So- after having 2 recent shows- I've come to conclude that the best avenue to sell my fine artwork is through local exhibitions (rather than online).  I feel like it's hard to get an idea of what my work looks like on the computer screen, and hard to pay the price of fine art sight- unseen.
So- I've decided to use my Etsy shop as a platform for selling decorative art- as opposed to "fine art".  I consider the Rorschach print I made for our living room, and posted about here, as decorative art-art made purely for its aesthetic value- It's both less tedious (both physically and mentally) and also based off of someone elses direct idea. (In the case of the ink blot prints the direct inspiration is a Warhol painting entitled Rorschach)  The good thing about this new development is that these pieces will be priced considerably less than my paintings!  The little green guys below are $25 a piece!  I personally think they look awesome as a set-and could look really cool in a set of rainbow colored ones!  They make a very modern, yet classic statement in a space!

The green prints above are each done on 8" x 10", 1.5" deep canvas- and can be hung as is on your wall.
I'm planning on adding more prints- in different the gold one in the living room

and maybe I'll add some drawer pulls like the ones I made for the kids dressers.... (Z's has birds and orchids, M's has beetles and gold leaf)

and possibly some curtain panels eventually:)

What do you think?

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  1. wow, incredible revelation! i agree with your theory about selling your art work and i honestly think your etsy shop is going to be extremely popular with the decorative art and drawer pulls! i will definitely buy some drawer pulls from you girl!