Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Awesome Shopping Finds

So- we ventured out to a couple stores yesterday- with specific items in mind- and, of course we came home with unplanned purchases- but, I couldn't help myself!

At Homegoods- I found this delicious pillow that I COULD NOT resist!!!  As Z said- "Mommy, it looks like where Ariel lives...(HECK NO, she has not seen the movie- books people, books)
Then- I had the bright idea of stopping at Ocean State Job Lot- not a place I frequent but  a good spot for things like pet supplies and lawn stuff (that was my reason for stopping- to purchase a second umbrella for the back yard- $38 a pop!)

anyhow- I ventured into the food section to find a possible-healthyish snack for the little buggers who were with me, and behaving- since I had left Home Goods with Moses SCREAMING bloody-murder at the top of his lungs- since the friken employees had deviously placed a row of enticing toy ambulances at child level in the check out line- and me, being a none-pushover parent refused to purchase one for the little man- and hence, the tantrum ensued.  and I felt like- "you know what TJX cooperation?- you can listen to him scream since this is YOUR FAULT"- ugggg- sorry- off the soap box now.

Anyway- I went to food section of the store and was shocked and delighted to find an entire WALL of Bob's Red Mill products (sold in the health food section of all of the bigger grocery stores) and all for 1/2 to 1/3 of the price!   I felt like I was in healthy grain heaven!

I came home with this assortment:

Priced between $2-$3.25 a piece!  WHAT A STEAL!!! and what a great way to try out some new healthier products in your cooking!  My friend informed me last night- that they've carried the product for over a year- I have been seriously missing out!!! Oh- and I got the kiddos some fig Newman's for their snack (and mine too:)

Reminder- my current giveaway drawing will be on Saturday- leave a comment if you are interested!!!

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