Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Group Painting, and a Little Ice For ZZ

We did an outdoor art project this week...

It started with a canvas board that I painted gold during nap time, then drew lines with a gray watercolor pencil into the wet paint to create an interesting background texture.

When the babes woke up (Z doesn't actually sleep FYI...just rests- translation-whines):) I had set up the materials on the grass weeds that we call our back yard:)

Then they went to town.  We did some rolling of round objects in paint and rolling them across the board which made some cool marks...

Then the inevitable happened...

"Portrait of a two year old"

( I have NO IDEA why he was upset? This happens throughout the day, and usually lasts, literally 5 seconds- tops) he wins the award, hands down for most dramatic in the house! (which is saying a lot)
Here's the finished piece.  We are doing an Ikea run to get a frame for it this weekend! I think it's going to live in the kitchen.

Here's the little bit of ice- and whole lot of fun for Miss Z (first skating lesson)- she LOVED it!!!
So much so that D went up to check on them 20 minutes after bedtime when they were still making noise- and she was "practicing" her hands out, knees up, march- move in bed- keeping the both of them up:) SO CUTE!

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