Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visiting Friends

The babes and I took a little road trip this week to visit some dear friends in PA- we had a lot of fun!!!
There was a lot of pool time (super heat wave in the area), trampoline jumping, thunder storms and subsequent power outages, puppet shows, and dressing up.  And despite some minor child-induced disagreements (mostly in the area of sharing) we managed to have a fun time!
The biggest excitement may have been Miss Grace loosing her first tooth the day we arrived- we were all fascinated!
During- she was very brave!
and after...oh- and then she lost another one the next day!  Busy Tooth Fairy!
Communal breakfast
a fun trip to a local farm- with amazing icecream and a beautiful stream that felt so nice in the sweltering 100 degree heat!
Mosie fell in:)

I can't help wishing 2 things...#1- that we lived closer (especially after the 3.5 hour turned 6.5 hour drive home) and #2 that the Mommies get a few days to visit without the kiddos- since we didn't get a chance to tell each other anything start to finish the whole visit:)   I am so grateful for good friends:)

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