Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Buns

So the other day I was assembling a new umbrella for our backyard double lounge...and I was quite surprised when I lifted up the back rest...

5 little baby bunnies, all nestled in a little grassy divot in the lawn- so sweet

of course they started hoping about once I lifted up their shelter.  Then I found one hiding (not so well) behind this little weed:)

so sweet- I really could not resist giving one a little snuggle.

We decided (after my husband gave me a talk about how they would be fine in their little home, and that their mother would take care of them, and how I REALLY didn't need to "mother" them) I let them be.  Their Mommy comes back to feed them nightly- The other night I looked out my studio window and I saw the Mom eating in the back yard, and the babies hopping about:) It's a been a fun week watching them grow- and you can imagine the delight the Angelbabies are getting from this experience!!

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