Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ziplining and Snowboarders

Last year D and I went zip lining- we had a great when A called me to say she and her boyfriend were buying a Living Social pass for zip lining we jumped on the bandwagon!!!  and thanks to my lovely parents- we actually had 24 child free hours- which consisted of zip lining 75 feet up in the trees, cargo net climbing, tree scaling, sleeping in (till 9am!!!), meals for two, some dancing, a comedy show,  and lots of laughs. For a split second I felt like I was a 20 -year-old again;)

I feel revived (and slightly sore from the cargo net/tree climbing)- which is the kick in the pants I need to realize I need to do some more pushups!!! The facility that we went to was Empower center in Middletown.

and sticking with the active sports-theme...I worked on my current mural project this morning.  I decided to tackle the snowboarder- who I was a little weary of (mostly because I haven't painted/drawn a person in a very long time since most of my current work is pretty abstract...

I decided to use the trusted grid technique- where you create a grid over the original image (in this case a photo image from a Google search...)

then I created a grid on the wall where I wanted to place the figure- this grid was 7x the size of the first grid.

and then I started painting....

I still need to add another coat of red to the snowboard- plus the logo that it's going to have on it- I'm pretty excited about how he came out!!! Here's a close-up....


  1. I had such a fun weekend and day with you guys on Friday!! Love the ziplining pic of the 4 of us. Also loveee the mural- the snowboarder is awesome! xoxox

  2. You're really talented, that mural is pretty awesome. Also, on the settee, I vote for the gray ikat.