Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mini-Vacation in a Few Words

The mini vacation was everything we could have hoped for- relaxing, fun, adventurous, beautiful, not too short- not too long- PERFECT. I feel re-inspired and revived. Here's a quick photo-phrase/word recap....

Pre ferry-ride excitement!!

Bird kiss

This requires a slightly longer explanation: YES- he has another huge eye boo-boo- this is getting RIDICULOUS!  Literally 15 minutes into the ferry ride he was walking on the windy deck and took a header into a bench- so awful. Luckily after the brief tears- he was back to his happy self.

rock carrying...

to assist child #3 Daddy in building a rock damn

beautiful beaches

beautiful rocks

Crazy little beach structure

exploring, said structure

quaint cottage

#1 attraction-hot tub( the kids were in it within 10 min.s of entering the cottage:)

honeysuckle everywhere

gorgeous landscaping

view at breakfast- salt marshes are my favorite

prehistoric Emu

Khalila the preforming camel

a little boy who loves bulldozer/front loader/back hoe's

favorite sibling portrait to date:)


Crazy bluffs- 150 steps
(children walking up them all without assistance or a single whine= small Block Island miracle)

Yes- I let my 4 year old walk up and down this crazy rock hill solo- she's  a trooper.

misty beach

building a rock tower

We had a blast!  Can I give one suggestion though?  If you are planning a Block Island adventure- DO NOT go on 4th of July weekend- unless of course you are diggin' a Jersey Shore type experience (we were unaware of it's beach party hot spot status until we set foot on the ferry with a bunch of 20 something's and a keg:)  We still had a great time- the island was plenty big enough that we could avoid the crowds and explore.

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  1. Wow! what great pics! looks like such a nice time. especially love the photo of the gulls smooching :) xoG