Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stir Crazy?!

yeah----just a little bit;)- you see- we are currently living in Antarctica New England and bracing ourselves for another 6-12" on snow tomorrow night- this will be the 3rd storm in a weeks time.  Considering how little Moses cannot even walk in the snow (because it's over is head)- we are getting a little bit sick of staying in our cozy abode.

We are currently passing the time with lots and lots of snacks....

performances....featuring Fancy Zella (for those familiar with Fancy Nancy)...

   we even busted out the leash- you read it right- the pink, poodle, backpack/baby leash...

Zella took him for a walk around the house

Then it was her turn...

Which pretty quickly resulted in her pulling him around the house:)

Here are some more of our favorite snowy day activities:
1. Hide and seek  
2. Paper hats (Zella's new favorite activity)
3. Get you hair done (by your child-stylist)
4. Bath time- midday
5. Baking (specifically bread)
6. Homemade playdough
7. Obsticle course
8. Blanket forts
On a more serious note- I should have some actual work-related updates for ya'll by the weekend! We have finally  purchased the paint for our living room walls- here's a peek at the new color

It's MSL268, Whetstone Gray
(we have had samples up for 2 months now)- so that should be done some time in the next couple weeks!

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  1. #1 the winter scene photograph is absolutely lovely. #2 the pictures of fancy zella are amaaaaaazing. the colors are so delicious and the one of her twirling around is absolutely incredible. i love the movement, she looks like a total gypsy. my style:) #3 i'm totally making homemade playdough today. so fun. great minds think alike.