Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Bump In the Road...

The road to a studio recovery is what I'm referring to.  Granted- it has been a pretty short road- but after clearing out the space yesterday, and removing the lovely fabric from the ceiling- I realized why they had put the fabric up in the first place....yes folks- that's a HUGE gaping hole in the ceiling- wooden laths and all- it's about 3'x1'.

UGGGHHHHH.  Pretty bad right??

Might I offer a warning to future home owners....make sure that you have a VERY thorough home inspection- on a rainy day if possible to see if/where there are leaks.  We knew our roof was bad- but the damage that has "developed" over the past 2 years that we've lived here is insane!  I'm slightly incredibly irritated that we did not realize the magnitude of the damage (the previous owners slapped paint all over the stains from leaks right before putting it on the market- not cool) but- what's done is done, we must move on.

So, after a bit of annoyance and irritation- I decided that this would be a good opportunity for D and I to attempt putting up a new ceiling, since it's a small room- that only I am in the majority of the time. We are going to wait until after we get the roof replaced this spring to attempt this little project.

I continued with the planned cleaning/redo- and I am feeling very productive- although quite tired!  I was up until 2am rearranging.  I am almost done- just have to do a couple "quick" sewing projects.  I'll post an update with some before and after photos when it's complete!

In my spare time this weekend we did some Christmas tree hunting, decorating, and admiring!

Mosie is all about the lights this year- and he literally PUT (i.e SAT ) about 20 ornaments on 1 single branch while decorating- it was very cute.

Oh- and thanks to our friends C&S- Zella has been a little cowgirl all day!  She might even sleep in this hat tonight;)

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