Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Cards

For the past 6 years- I have been painting a family portrait for our Christmas card (although I did miss one year- when I was pregnant with Moses, and we had moved a few weeks before Christmas- something had to give).  One of my many "goals" for this past week had been to complete the Christmas card for this year.  I am almost done- but I thought I'd share the cards from years past in chronological order.

Here is me, D and Beau - our first Christmas together- the year after we got married

Here's the second year- us standing in front of our new house!- with Beau and Miss Kitty (she was Donell's Grandaddy's cat that we inherited, she, more than anyone loved the new house- she only lived there for a couple years- but she was so happy!)

Year #3- I was very newly pregnant with ZZ- and we got Frida that year.

Year #4- Zella's first Christmas!

Year 5 I talked about above... no card:(

Year 6 Mosie's first Christmas!  We are sitting on the steps of our new house.

Here is the preliminary drawing for this years card.  All of the pictures above are of the original watercolor paintings. I typically use a recent photo of us as a family for the first part of the drawing- to lay out the space, etc.  Then I use recent close ups of the kids to get the faces as close as possible...some years I capture us better than others;)

I'm almost done with the painting part- then off to the print shop (Typically, I print them on card stock, trim on my handy paper cutter, and then, with a little arm twisting- I get The Hub to write a message on the back, while I address the envelopes.)

I will post the finished product later this week after I send them out-  I wouldn't want to spoil it for those of you who are getting one in the mail:)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hannah I love your blog! What a wonderful idea for christmas cards, they are all fantastic!!