Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hot Off The Press

I just got back from a brutal night of shopping and copying (brutal mostly because I left the copy shop and got to WF's and realized I had somehow managaned to drop the $40 of grocery $ out of my coat pocket-ugggghhhh!)

THANKFULLY there are kind, honest people still out there folks- and I called Kinkos and they told me they found my $ and were holding it for me at the desk- I could have kissed the copy man!

I came home to 2 screaming children-acting like they hadn't seen me in days (though it had been less than an hour)- and I am happy to say my cards are done and being addressed and sealed as I type, and the little ones are asleep and dreaming of sugar plums!

Here's the card- sorry to spoil the surprise for those who will be recieving it in the next few days:)

Here is the picture from the tree farm that I used as inspiration for this years layout!

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