Friday, August 20, 2010

a work in progress....

I really do love interior design- I'd say the majority of blogs that I read are design blogs.  In my own home it gives me a great sense of satisfaction- changing things around, rearranging furniture, painting walls, hanging art, reupholstering furniture.  Unfortunately- it requires a good amount of time, and an even better amount of $- both of which I am short on.  So all I can do right now is plan in my little brain, all of the things that I want to do:)

I believe that I am the type of person that will own many houses in my lifetime.  I look at our home as a constant work in progress- and although I long for each space to be "complete"- I do enjoy the lack of completion and the constant work that I can put into the spaces.  If they were all complete- where would I put my creative energy????

Project #1- Mosie's Room

So- below is the room of the little guy.  I have been meaning and planning on making window treatments for his room for months now. 

I even have the fabric from my go-to online fabric store Premiere Prints, everything is less than 10$ a yard- and they have some fabulous prints.

This is Ele in brown.

Now I just need to decide on the design of the window treatment?  I'm thinking a simple valance mounted right under the top molding?  I am also seriously debating repainting his room....I feel like the blue/greens are a little dark.  The stripes would stay, but I might do the upper and lower in one shade of pale aqua? I will also be repainting the trim- painting the top moulding white.

Project #2- Entryway/staircase/hallway

I have been slowly working on a photo display on the landing of our staircase.  It is a serious work-in-progress.  I look at it as a  collection that I can slowly add to. 

Although- as I was laying in bed last night I was finally getting a chance to read the latest Living, and came across an article on a staircase picture display.  It was gorgeous- and now I'm thinking I may want to alter mine slightly...we shall see.

The second part of this project involves finishing the entryway mural, painting all of the trim and the disgustingly marked-up stair risers, painting the banister rungs, getting a rug for in front of the door, and the main landing, and getting 3 new light fixtures.

Phew!  This one will be a while!

But don't you just love the vintage pineapple wallpaper??? Very Martha I think!  I really like the contrast of the black frames against it too.

Project #3- Living room couch pillows

In an ideal world- I would be getting a whole new couch.  This babdboy has seen better days.  But my budget dictates that I will be making new pillow covers to spruce it up until we can purchase a new couch- at which time I will be repainting the walls, making/buying new window treatments, and redoing the fireplace/mantel situation.


I recently went to Homegoods and purchased 6 pillows- all with horribly hideous covers on the clearance shelf- all of which were under $8 a pop!  that's cheaper then what it would be to buy naked pillow inserts- a great way to save $!
My old inserts have been thrown out (not something I would typically do- but we were in a deep cleaning mode at the time)- and it was a blessing in disguise really- because even though they were expensive, down pillows from PB- we all hated to lay on them because the feathers would poke your neck through the covers- not very inviting!

These ones are all poly fill.  Here are some fabric considerations.- all from Premiere Prints


And last but not least- Project #4- Our bedroom

I have decided to repaint it.  I do LOVE the green on the 3 walls- but I think it competes too much with the mural  So- I have been testing out some cool, pale blues-

and I have made a decision.  I am going with....

Martha Stewart 8030 Salt Glaze.  I adore this color- although it will be the least colored-color in our home.  I can't wait until next weekend when I am not working, and I can finally put it on the walls!

I will be looking for a pair of vintage yellow ceramic gourd lamps on my upcoming trip to the Brimfield antique show in September! Something like this hopefully-

 A new ceiling light fixture and a framed print above the bed will complete the bedroom ...(maybe;)

Stay tuned on the progress of all these projects!

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