Monday, August 30, 2010

Finished mural!

Hi y'all!  So- the hospital mural was completed last week!  Very exciting.  Even better news- it looks like I'm going to painting a couple more in the hospital in the next month or so- I'm hoping it will brighten up the atmosphere on the units a bit:)

Take a look (I only included shots of the walls that I did on my own- this was a collaborative mural with fellow staff-member/painter.)  It was a really cool experience working with another person on this project, albeit challenging merging 2 styles into one 4-walled landscape.

The best part of this project by FAR- was all of the feedback we got from the patients.  After the second day of work we decided to leave the door open (the fumes were starting to burn my eyes)- patients and staff would come in and out, some would stay and chat for a bit, some would critique our work, some would give us suggestions.  In all- the feedback was very positive, and it made me feel really good about the work that I was putting into this piece. Just the distraction of something like this being done on a psych unit was good for the patients and helped pass the time.  A " labor of love" for sure!

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  1. I love it!! Great job! It's such a soothing picture, something to be enjoyed by patients in need of just that for years to come. I'm so excited for all your mural opportunities!