Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Treasures of the Bookroom

I was not working this weekend- nor did I have anything "really planned" that would take up my time- so I decided to tackle the neglected Bookroom- a.k.a the upstairs playroom in our house.  It did used to be one of my favorite rooms- it was one of the first rooms I tackled decor-wise when we moved in (almost 2 years ago now....)
But- as many of you know, a lot changes when you have children- especially, when you have more children!
The Bookroom title came about because we could not decide between family room, sunroom, library, study, etc.- so bookroom it became!

I will say- there was a time that the bookshelves looked really nice...color coded, organized, not piled high with games/toys/miscellaneous C-R-A-P:)
Here are some of my favorite things on the shelves!

This painting was made by one of my favorite ladies in the world- college friend Ghilly.  We went through the art program together for 4 years and built quite a bond!  This was made for D and I as a wedding gift- so special- it makes me smile every time I see it!

These are the memory boxes that we created for our angel babies on their special baby blessing days!  Instead of a baptism, we had a baby blessing celebration for them.  Z's was on her first birthday, for M's we waited until warmer weather so we could have it outside!  It was a memorable day both times.  Close friends and relatives gathered to celebrate the life of our children.  People wrote cards, made special mementos, and brought time-capsule-like gadgets.  Grandparents gave speeches, "god-parents" shared kind words.  It was  a wonderful day.  We use the memory boxes to store things from that day- and important things from days following.  I think it will be nice to share with them as they get older!

This vase was a gift from my parents when we bought our first house.  I love the colors!

Moving on to the toys- here is one of the best gifts ever- thank you Grammy Sheila!!!  This has been a blessing on rainy wet days- the children LOVE to bounce!  I highly recommend one if you have the space.  One slight issue- we put it together upstairs, planning on storing it in the basement- and cannot fit it down the basement stairs!  So- its a bookroom toy.

The daybed is a spot where guests sleep and stories are read- it was originally in Zella's nursery at our old house.  Its a fabulous IKEA find- it has storage drawers underneath, and it pulls out and turns into a king (I think- 2 twins side by side= king right?) bed.  Great purchase!, and when we got it it was $100 less than it is now- I guess we weren't the only ones who liked it;)

The details:
curtains: Pottery Barn, 3 years ago, online purchase- 8 yards found in their clearance section under "fabric by the yard"- I will never tire of this pattern! (although I do wish I was able to make the curtains floor length- but this length is more practical because of the radiators located on either end of the room!
mattress cover: Premiere Prints Cadence in Corn Yellow/Linen- we are also having a photo made with this as the background fabric for our bedroom- (then I will reveal the makeover!)
toss pillow on daybed: also Premiere Prints Victoria print in Eaton Blue/Linen
large bolster pillow: not sure?  I picked up this discount bolt remnant at a design store a couple years back.
wall color: I like to refer to it as Mac&Cheese- the Kraft variety. It's actually a Behr paint color called Squash. It is a VERY bold hue- but because most of the room is windows or built in bookcases- I think it works!

There is also a chair in the room that has a seat cushion covered with the large yellow floral print, and toss pillows in the Cadence print, and white.

The afghan was crocheted by my fabulous Auntie as a birthday gift a while back.

Oh- and here's a shot of the inspiration for this post:

This is what I found on the daybed as I was furiously cleaning.  It is as it seems.....a rock with 2 band aids attached to it.  Strange...yes.  A sign of a physician in the making....perhaps!

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