Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank you Shuggie!!!!

I may have mentioned before that my Mom is like Martha Stewart....she cooks, bakes, sews, cleans, refurbishes, photographs, knits, embroiders,...the list goes on.

So when she called to tell me she was "sending a bag of stuff for the kids" along with Pop (my Dad) when he can over yesterday to watch the angels while I went to work- I knew it was gonna be something good!  When I finally had  a second to go through the bag of goodies this morning-grateful does not even start to explain how I felt as I took out each item.  Not only did she buy the children each a beautiful winter coat- but she made them each a hat to match their coat, as well as mittens, socks, and Moses even got a beautiful sweater vest- so sweet.  How special that we have these beautiful hand knit items for years to come.
Thank you so much Shug!!!!  We love you- we are so blessed to have our wonderful parents in our lives!

Z was more than happy to model her news diggs- in fact- she kept coat on for hours:)

The Mosie-Monster on the other hand- well, he took a whole lot of convincing to even get just the hat on:(  He refused to wear anything else- he is modeling a  sweater that Shuggie made him last year though!
(... the purple spray bottle in his hand is one of our daily rituals- every morning after I spray down Zella's hair- I give him the water bottle- he walks around the house spraying himself in the face and sucking the water out of the keeps him occupied, and I say- whatever works!:)

and it's off again.....

and it's on again (thanks to my assistant)...

and,'s coming off!

What a nice treat- the children love all of their new stuff- thanks Mom! xoxo

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