Monday, October 18, 2010

If I were an animal...

I would be a cat- more specifically, my cat!

This is an opening exercise I like to use to start up groups at the hospital: 
"If you were an animal- what would you be and why?"
My typical response is actually a flying squirl. The reason for that seemingly odd response is that I love trees- I really love to climb trees (although that doesn't happen much anymore), and I love being outside, and I would love to live in a cozy little nest.

With the recent fall weather- I've been longing to trade places with my dear kitty Frida- just for one day couldn't she be the Mommy and I could do this all day?????

Why, you may ask am I feeling this's one great example:

I was emptying my bladder for the first time all day at 12:23 pm, while the children were eating lunch when I heard a loud "BANG!"- "what was that noise?" I asked- Zella responded "it was Mosie making a mess Momma!".  I go into  the kitchen to find this-

It was a hummus explosion- literally.  all over the walls, all over the curtains, table, chair, him.  UGGGGHHHH. I do so love being a mom- but some days, are tough!

On a another note, I had mentioned in a previous post that I had 3 projects to tackle this month- the update is that 2 are done, and I have 1 to go (Zella's costume).

Project #1: Mei Tai style baby carrier

My good friend/neighbor Claire is having a baby soon!  Very exciting!  So, for their shower gift I made them a Mei Tai style baby carrier.  For those of you who don't know- D and I are baby wearing enthusiasts.  Not only do I believe its good for a baby to be as close as possible to their parent for building a sense of security and a strong sense of attachment from birth, I believe its soooo much easier for the parent.  Both of our babies were strapped to us from birth, be it in the sling (birth to 5 months or so), the Mei Tai (4 months-1 year or so), or the Ergo (which I still use for both children now on my back).  I can honestly say that my carriers were the most used baby items to received/purchased hands down.  I cannot imagine my life as a mother without them!  and- as D is VERY quick to point out- we have successfully avoided the dreaded "flat headed baby syndrome":)

Here are a couple pictures of the carrier I made them- I modeled it after the Mei Tai that we bought when Z was born.  It has a comfy padded waist band with a large adjustable clip in back, and I added a big pocket on the front.  It's reversible and can be worn on both the front and the back.
You may recognize the fabric- It's Anna's Drawing Room Sketchbook Ivory (also the curtain fabric in Zella's room)

Another thing I added to the gift was one of these fabulous blankets- I LOVE them- although I didn't discover then until Mosie was around 6 months or so- but I highly recommend them!

Project #2: Painting

This weekend we were away (thanks you auntie Emy!!!) for our dear friends Alexa and Alex's wedding.  It was a beautiful event! They are so in love, and I was honored to be their guest! The wedding took place at this lovely lodge in Stowe Vermont.  The lodge was surrounded by gorgeous mountains- which were even topped with snow.  I did not take very many pics (left that to the professionals)- but I had to take a pictures of a couple things that were super inspiring.

These insane trees were all over the place- built into both the interior and exterior architecture of the building. They are dried out and stripped of their bark- possibly polyurethaned from what I could guess. I am convinced that we will figure out how to hook one of these suckers up in our basement playroom- how fabulous would this be for Mosie and ZZ to climb on all winter????

A very special touch were these great hand carved letters that Alex's dad made for them.  They sat on the table where the place cards were.

and last, but not least- I made a painting that was displayed as guest enteredd the living room for the ceremony.  To me- this painting represented all the things I know Alexa to love- trees, fall, Vermont, nature, and Alex of course!

I only wish I had a picture of the INSANELY delicious fall spice- gluten free cupcakes with buttercream frosting- they were unreal!

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