Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cleaning lady

Yes...that's me!

I spoke with a mom friend at a recent Mom's night out- and she commented on my blog- saying I was like super-mom- I immediately felt like I was being very inaccurate in my posting.  I am SOOO far from super-mom it's not even funny!  I realized that my posts are not depicting the most accurate picture of my life as a mom.  

Today, for example, I stooped to an all time low on the mom-o-meter.  My house was dirty- and by that I mean sticky floors, dust bunnies strolling around the hardwoods, and small piles of crumbs in places where crumbs should never be.  So- I took action, and my angelbabies became veggiebabies for a little while....

This is not something I do very often- actually, never have I done this for the purpose of cleaning the house.  but- I will tell you, during that time I was able to vacuum the entire house. Good, yes, but I could not help but notice my veggiebabies- they ate all of the breakfast (plus some), in a slightly disturbing, zombie-like trance. 
My mind starts racing as a I clean...

....."this explains the obesity epidemic in our country- thousands of Americans sitting in front of their televisions for meals, piling food into their mouths- unconscious to the fact that they are eating twice as much as they need to." 

Then- I started feeling guilty for even letting my children get to that point- and selfish for doing that for the purpose of housecleaning. Anyhow- everything in moderation as my Dad says- and really, one morning of eating in front of the TV will hopefully not harm their precious little brains:)

Later in the day I decided to tackle the dreaded playroom.  Don't get me wrong- I am grateful to have one- but it is by far the most neglected room in the house.
The dress-up clothes situation is out of control down here- a while back I had the bright idea of hot gluing clothespins to the bookshelf's in the playroom, as a way of organizing the dress-up clothes.

Well- that idea lasted a couple weeks...maybe.  Then my little-big-boy pulled all but two of them off of the wall.  So- this morning we went to the local CVS and bought some Command hooks.  ZZ helped me hang them, and while I was vacuuming the playroom- she was organizing the clothes (one of her favorite activities).  I am hoping that by her organizing and taking part in the process, she will be motivated to keep them that way in the future????

The true test of this project will be decided once Mosie-man wakes up from his nap...stay tuned!

October is proving to be a busy month for our household- a baby shower in the city next weekend, a wedding in VT the following weekend, and Halloween.  These are all busy events for me personally because, I have committed myself to hand making things for all of these events- something that I love to do- but it is something that consumes a lot of time.  As the events pass I will share the results with you!

  A Halloween hint- after much deliberation- Z has decided she wants to be a mermaid, of some sort:)

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