Friday, February 18, 2011

Back At IT...

I got a chance this evening- to work in my studio- uninterrupted- head phones on- and it was even in  (the very end of) daylight- and it was HEAVEN! 

Thank you, to the husband for coming home from work a little bit early- so that this could be possible (xoxo).

I started a new piece a couple weeks ago- and hadn't been back in to rework it until today.  I also started two more smaller paintings.  All three of them are inspired by a view on my parents road (where I grew up).  This view is gorgeous at all times of the year- but I found it particularly striking the other day- covered with drifted snow. 

I am really excited to see how these paintings turn out...the process of painting that I've been using with my latest series is a very exciting one.  I, as the artist am creating the paintings, and making decisions- but the materials also do a lot of the work- a lot of the time my decisions are based off of how the materials interact and move on the canvas.  So- when I say "I'm excited to see how they'll turn out"- it's because tomorrow (if I get a chance- fingers crossed) to go into my studio and peel off the leaves I will find very different paintings than when I left them.

Here's a few in-progress shots I took with a macro lens I'm borrowing from a friend- a new experience for me:)-lots of fun!

I will unveil them soon....oh- and I'll try to get a shot of the area of inspiration too!

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