Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Review:

Let me start by saying- that I am not an avid reader- although sometimes I wish I was- my lifestyle does not allow for hours of pleasure reading each night...although I frequently daydream of lazy weekend mornings while calming sipping green tea and eating (buttered and jellied cinnamon swirl) toast while lying in my comfy bed, leisurely reading my book for hours without interruption. I think that may not happen until I'm retired at this point...

Instead- I am most commonly awoken to sweet, pajama clad,  Mama-calling children jumping on me (no later than 7 am)- requesting to "cuddle in the igloo" a.k.a under our down comforter- this of course- is an amazing way to spend a morning too- don't get me wrong:)

Anyhow.  My sister Em recommended that I read this book recently- she knew I would love it- and she was right.

It's amazing- like, so touching, and real, and relateable as a mother and as a woman.

I sat in bed (with a sleeping 3 year old laying next to me) last night and slowly took in the final 50 pages.  It was one of those things where- I carried the characters of the book around with me all day and night as I was reading it- relating them to so many things that came up in my life over the past 2 weeks (you all do that too- right....?).  I was almost mourning the end of the book before I even finished it. 

The author of this book, Kathryn Stockett has a way of taking you on a journey with these 3 woman- and making you feel like you are a  part of it.  It's set in the 1960's in Jackson, Mississippi.  The book centers on the issues of friendship, discrimination, segregation, mothering, trust, ignorance, and searching for your inner strength.

Ahhhh (sigh of love)- you must read it (if you haven't already- it came out a few years ago now). I am now faced with the daunting task of starting another book that I hope I can fall so easily in love with:)


  1. its so good. i still have like 100 pages left...havent picked it up since Phoenix appeared :)

  2. Oh my! This brought tears to my eyes. My heart is over flowing. So much for this little boy.