Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Buttercream

I feel like I have "messed up" my share of buttercreams- and honestly the most common mistake is using butter that is too cold, but when I found this recipe- thank you Martha- it all clicked and I will never go back:)

To start- whip 3 sticks of room temp butter for 2 WHOLE minutes

When you're done it should look light and fluffy like this- then add in your vanilla- 2 tsp. (or any other flavorings- such as cocoa powder, lemon,  peppermint extract, chcoloate chips, you get the idea;)

Then- you gradually add in the powdered sugar (1 Lb. in total)- 1/2 cup at a time- all the while the mixer should be on medium speed.  Here' s the important part- every 2 sugar additions- turn the mixer up as high as it goes for 10 seconds- then back down to medium- until you've added all the sugar (this whips in some air and keeps the frosting light and fluffy)

There you have it!
A bowl of rich, buttery (of course), light and fluffy frosting perfection!

Perfect for piping onto pink valentines sugar cookies-YUM! (same dough as the basic vanilla from my Christmas cookie making post)

(We also made some with just white sugar on top- a close second!)

I'll be using the remaining frosting for Mosie's belated birthday blueberry cupcakes that I'll be baking this weekend!


  1. Oh I'm a sucker for sweets! I love the paintings in your etsy too! Thanks for following FOW!

  2. I could eat the whole bowl of icing! Delish:D