Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Covering The Cat Hole and Various Snowy Day Activities

What to do on yet another snowy day? You make the best of it!

Well...we had a productive day for sure today!  strangely, there was a cat theme woven through a couple of today's happenings.


I had some assistance in creating a kitty curtain to cover the "cat hole" in our basement playroom (it leads into the laundry room- and there is no heat in the basement- so the cat hole was creating quite a draft.

I'd like to thank my little pin sticker for all of her hard work....

and my little mechanical engineer-


technical assistant as well!

after this project there was some pony riding

as well as some chimney sweeping/curling?

and while the above activities were happening- I was finishing up my little $2 garage sale find-


So much better don't you think?

During nap time Z and I ventured into the tundra for some sliding, shoveling, and snow munching.

(yes- that is all that's left of the kids cozy coupe car peeking out of the insane snow)

our poor gutters!

We ended our day by painting yesterday's cat-project (we used scrunched up newspaper for the base with masking tape, and paper mache over top, with art paste)

This paste is magical- I used to use it when I was an art teacher all the time- you can find it at local art stores and on line!

Then my little artists went to town, Zella did the mommy cat

and Mosie did the baby

Z is bringing her creation to school tomorrow for show-and-tell:)

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