Thursday, February 10, 2011

Under The Weather

Yeah- so- the weather pattern seems to have's supposedly going to be 50 degrees next week! But the weather inside our house is not so fair today I'm afraid.  And I seem to have the worst of it:(
For me as a parent, the most challenging part thus far is when you are sick and you have to take care of your sick children- and still remain loving, patient and is not an easy task!

SO- when I am sick- here is what I turn to:

rule of thumb- LET IT STEEP- a full 15 min. before drinking it!

I am now sipping on my tea- and I can actually breath without coughing- thank goodness.

What else is on the list of things to do on this sick day?  Well- one of my all time favorite bloggers- Miss Darby over at Fly Through Our Window posted this delicious recipe recently- for homemade peppermint patties- and we will be trying it out this afternoon!  I'm psyched!

After this here post is done I will be attempting to take a short cat nap- give my body a little rest time while the children (hopefully) do the same.

Oh- and an example of how this sick-week has been going. 
Yesterday- I put Moses down for his nap (he's a very consistent napper- at least 2 hrs. every afternoon). Z on the other hand has not napped since she was younger than 2.  But- I have enlisted a new "resting" policy, where she in her room and quiet- until I come and get her (usually for an hour or so).  Since she's been sick- she fell asleep yesterday- and I was able to spend one WHOLE hour painting in my studio in broad daylight (this never happens).  Then- I went downstairs to paint the lamp- and I hear screaching- well- Z had woken up and ran into Moses' room (why?- I do not know) and woken him up as well.  Talk about testing my patience!
Anyhow- let's hope she falls asleep today as well!

Stay tuned...hopefully by tomorrow I will be on the mend-and I'll have a good dinner recipe, the BEST butter cream ever, and a lamp update for any readers out there:)

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