Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Birds, Final Art Piece, and A Little Pouf

I grew up in the, farmland country with no neighbors within ear shoot and cows in our back yard. While I am not currently a city dweller -we are close, and our area has sidewalks, and neighbors close by.  For me it's a little to-close-for-comfort.

I'd prefer the seclusion of a yard where I can wear my birthday suit bathing suit outside and not worry about who sees me, yell redirect my children without neighbors giving me dirty looks, and experience a little more of nature...but I am trying to practice more of a "radical acceptance" approach, so...
it is what it is, and I accept that.

While we do not live "in" nature- I try to appreciate the bits of nature around us.  I have always been a fan of babies (not just of the human variety). You may remember the other "babies" we have discovered in our suburban yard-here and here...
well we have several nests happening right now. One of which was built in the Andromeda bush in front of our house, and we are really enjoying watching the process!

These little robins are only 2 days old!!
the kids have this great book that Shuggie (my mom) bought them last year. We refer to it frequently- I highly recommend it!! find it here

I am currently between semesters. Spring ended last week, and summer starts Monday (INSANITY) anyhow...I am finishing up on my internship for my masters program (as an art therapist at a residential facility for adolescent girls on parole).  This has been an amazing learning experience for me. I have been in my placement since the beginning of October, and I will be done in a couple weeks.

It's been a long road- working very crazy hours to try to balance my other part time job, my art career, and most importantly my family life. So I opted for long weekend work days (12 hours each day every other weekend) and one day a week for most of the internship- as opposed to 4 days a week, and while it's been rough at times...what I've gained from this experience is the confirmation that this is the field I want to be in- which is a very fulfilling feeling.
Below is a book that I am making as a final art piece for this internship experience...
It has been quite a JOURNEY

lastly- a little peek at the Angelbabies for you...It was a poufy kinda day today for little Z (we like to experiment with the hair):

and her trusty sidekick

Have a good rest of your week!

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