Friday, May 4, 2012

A Whole Lotta PINK

A couple months ago- I got not one- but TWO requests for a custom art piece for a little girls birthday party. These requests were both inspired by this super-fun, over the top Pinkalicious themed birthday party posted here.  Check it out!  This lady went all-out. Pinkalicious everything!!!
Pinkalicious is a glorious book about a little girl who love PINK- written and illustrated by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann.

The custom art pieces that I am making (1 is done- the party is this weekend!!) are custom Pinkalicious picture know- you stand behind them and poke your head through the hole and get your picture taken?  Such a fun idea for a birthday party- what a great party favor for the guests to take home too!

I made it out of a light weight pressed board- cut the face hole and then drew it out. I used a piece of cardboard for the cupcake, heavy weight sparkly card stock for the wand, and "real" stones for the crown.  I also added some super-practical handles on the back so the little ones can hold it up while they pose!

Contact me if you are interested in any custom birthday art!!


  1. H- it came out soooo great! omg the little girls are going to LOVE it...I'm sure Z loved it too! Great job xoxo