Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can I Do It?!

This may be my biggest project-transformation to date. A lot of the time when I come up with a project idea I have a little bit of doubt in my mind (not knowing if my vision will become a reality)- but usually it works out....this time I'm not so sure.

The project I am referring to is the large elephant buffet in my dining room.

It is a rough piece- SURE-it is huge and stores a lot of stuff, but it is also a total sight for sore eyes. While I would love to replace it altogether- I am trying to be thrifty, and save $, rather than spend $- so I am having this vision of transforming this lovely beast into a "campaign style chest" something like this...image via Pintrest

or this...via Pintrest

or this...image via Pintrest

I's a serious long-shot folks! But I am still gonna try!  

So far- I have purchased the hardware for the campaign-style look  (I went with nickle finish as opposed to brass, simply because the shelves from IKEA that we recently installed have very prominent nickle finish hardware- so I'm going with consistency (hope I don't regret it) they currently look like this...

My plan is to repaint it with the rest of this paint that I used on the inside of our front door a while back (again- trying to use what I have;) it's a teal blue/green in high gloss enamel

Then, of course I am now thinking that I will also have to repaint the entire room (crazy- I know) it hasn't been gray for even a year- I'm a nut:) but I think that I'm actually going to paint it white- INSANITY!! Never, in a million years did I think I would ever have a white room in my house. But I think it will make the new piece pop...Here are some inspiration shots of white dining rooms I adore...

image via Pintrest via Coastal Living

What do you think readers??? Can I pull it off?


  1. You can sooo do it:))) can't wait to see:)

  2. ooh, I think that would look pretty. Good luck!