Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Powder Room Dilemma

SO...with a heavy heart I report that yesterday I began the arduous process of painting over the Josef Frank inspired mural project in the downstairs powder room.

I have completed other large scale murals in our house before

It just occured to me that these were done when I was pretty much home full time...duh! No wonder I couldn't complete it! Add my schedule to the fact that the the dark background color meant that each piece of the mural needed to be primed in white first, then at least 2 coats of regular color applied over that- EEEKK!

It was just too much for me...I bit off more than I could chew....the dark walls were depressing (they would have been great if i had stuck with it) but it was just too much....
alas... I am now left with the dilemma of what to do next?

Here are my options:
#1: Faux Bois

(image courtesy Martha Stewart)

Images #1 and #3 are of wallpaper- very realistic, very cool. Image #2 is of the Martha Stewart Faux Bois effects wall kit- this would be my cost effective solution. I almost wish I hadn't seen the wallpaper because it is SO much nicer-no?
For colors I think I would either do a pale turquoise under coat with creamy white or gold faux bois- or the reverse, although that last image is looking pretty appealing color-wise's a great tutorial on the process

#2: Block Printing
The other very viable- and probably a little less intense option is stamping- similar in style to my heartthrob wallpaper of late by Les Indiennes

(images courtesy Les Indiennes)

There are a ton of grrreat stamps on are 2 of my favs

purchase here

purchase here

Not sure on the colors for this option- but I really like the simplicity of the white background in the original Les Indiennes paper- maybe with a turquoisey stamp (the measuring of the grid might be a little time consuming- but its a super small space).

Your thoughts, views, opinions, ideas are very much welcomed!!!


  1. dude, the two yellow ones are fantastic! I had a feeling yesterday when looking at the picture of your daughter that it was probably your work.

    Sad face on the Josef Frank bathroom, but I totally understand not having enough time to accomplish stuff. I think the faux bois would look great, as would the stamps! In fact those stamps make me wonder where I can use that.

  2. My vote is the block printing...for sure!! I love both of those etsy stamps!!