Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back From Vacation = Burst of Productivity

Earlier this week- we returned from a week+ of much needed R and R- it was lovely. I relaxed so much in fact, that I hardly even took any pictures this year! I unplugged more than I have in a quite a while, and as a result, I feel totally rejuvenated.

Here are a few shots from our beach trip- (me a Z did a little photo shoot one foggy morning...

...we were inspired by this little friend on her beautiful dewy web:)

Our days, literally consisted of rocking in the chairs on the beautiful porch, laying on the sunny beach, playing in the warmer than usual water for hours, building sand castles, outdoor showers

and evenings of TV-free entertainment, playing cards, and QUILTING!! (I had started this bad boy over a year ago and decided to pack it in case inspiration hit me.)
I typically spend the week reading for pleasure- this year- I quilted... on the couch after the kids were asleep, on the porch in the early morning- even on the beach!

Here's what I came up with...

I've got a lot more squares to do- and since this is a total abstract (i.e- I dont know what the heck I'm doing!), sew as you go type of quilt- it's a little wonky (is that a quilting term?). My Mom, Sister and Bethy (all actual quilters) gave me lots of quilting tips... But I am loving it...and praying that once kindergarten, PreK, and Grad School start in the next couple weeks my inspiration time will not be lost (fingers crossed!)

I was reading some of my favorite blogs when I returned home and found this FABULOUSNESS...

...from the fabulous Anna Maria Horner. How GORGEOUS is this friken' quilt?! I really want to make this one- it would be my first pattern-following quilting experience, the inspiration is totally there-now, I just need to find the time!! She even provides a FREE, downloadable pattern- Amazing woman!

The second I got home and unpacked for a couple hours (still have a suitcase in the upstairs bedroom and laundry to be folded;) I started working on my bathroom project...
Here is a sneak peak:

The walls and trim are totally done! Just waiting for the hubby to finish the toilet install (LONG story), but it should be done tonight (fingers and toes crossed!!)

Then I will be searching for the perfect light fixture, here are some inspiring images:

and I'd really like to create this starburst mirror that I pinned months ago...

brilliant tutorial HERE
Then- we will be complete! I will share a mostly done shot soon (when the toilet is installed)- and an update on the next project I'll be tackling!

One last question I've been pondering...How can I get PAID to do home projects/ painting/quilting/cooking/raising children all day long...????

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