Friday, April 8, 2011

The Wrong Side of the Bed....

is where I woke up this morning:(  It was just one of those mornings...and for a while I couldn't put my finger on why I was feeling so cranky...I even contemplated starting a caffeine addiction to brighten my spirits...then I realized that my bed last night- was inhabited by four people- rather than the usual two people- and that this might just be the reason for my  less-than-perfect mood:)

when I realized the cause for my crabbiness I decided to pull myself out of my super comfy bed- and take the first step toward improving my day- making my bed
It, for me is an instant mood lifter- not sure why but it does the trick every time.  As I made the bed I looked around my tiny, yet peaceful bedroom and saw a lot of reminders of things that made me feel like- its really not that bad. (This is an exercise I do at the hospital in a journaling group that I sometimes run- finding a list of "simple pleasures"- things that give you joy that cost next to nothing-  that you can turn to when you are having trouble finding something positive in life)

I found myself looking at the print above our bed
and wondering- can this be applied to loss of sleep?????

I took a sniff of my all time favorite Capri Blue Candle- can be found at Anthro., and felt the wonders of aromatherapy. 
I noticed the sea rocks and shells perched on the window frames
and thought of last weeks brief (CHILLY) but beautiful beach trip with the kiddos

then I noticed the pile of children's books under my husbands bedside table- and the pink sleeping bag peeking out from under the edge of the bed
and thought about my lovely little angels- and how much I value the time they want to spend with me reading books on our cozy bed.  I also thought about our options as far as night time goes- and how I need to- despite how sleepy I am- insist on whichever one wakes up first sleeping the rest of the night on the special bed (sleeping bag on top of the crib mattress next to our bed)- simply for the sake of morning sanity.

Then I made my way into my studio to quickly ponder a current painting that I'm working on....
and felt excited as I thought about what I will be adding to the image tonight when I get a few hours in my studio:)

Oh- and I saw the fabric that I had mentioned here- that I bought for my kitchen- which my Hub immediately vetoed for reasons relating to "too many flowers"- and decided it would suit my studio windows better!
On the subject of studio time...
I have a few upcoming  show announcements!!!

Ms. Lola Rain and I will be co-hosting a group show here (at my house) on May 7th from 12-4pm!  All our welcome!  It will be an "open house" format- with snacks, art for viewing and purchasing;) and socializing.  Contact me for the address;)

At that time- and for the entire months of May and work will also be on display at Tisane tea and coffee bar on Farmington Ave. in Hartford CT.

I am super excited about both upcoming shows!!!!!

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