Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Interview On LBR, What I've Been Doing and Twins!!!!!

Good friend, blogger, artist and soon to be art-show partner Lola Rain visited this weekend and did an artist interview with me!  Please check it out on her blog today!
I have not posted in a while- It's been busy round here!
Here's what Ive been up so- I will try to keep the commentary brief, so as not to bore you;)

2a: Big house project- PAINTING TRIM!!!!  Not so exciting- terribly tedious- but very much needed. The only issue with this undertaking is TIME- and the fact that once you paint one area- you really see how badly the rest of it needs to be done.
Case in point:

(and NO it is not I that got the paint on the poor vintage wallpaper- it was like that when we moved in:(
Here is the staircase before/after:
Here is my problem area- not sure how I'm gonna reach up to this spot...right now the only solution is looking like a brush tied to the end of a broom- which will be tough to keep it neat...I will keep you posted!
Oh- and yes- the railing will be repainted soon too- that IS marker on the rail in front of you- courtesy of little Mosie Man!

Goal- to get all of the entryway trim (upstairs and down) as well as the french doors to the living/dining room done before my show on May 7th- where (hopefully) a bunch of lovely people will be walking through my house checking out the murals and artwork!...I want it to look nice:)
also- the inside of the front door will done in high gloss black
2b:I've also been spending a lot of time in the are some of the WIP (works in progress)

2c: and lastly- we have been having some serious rain here (fine with me- everything is starting to sprout which is nice!) Well- you know that we got a new roof recently- last night in the rain I discovered that one of the gutters was not reattached properly- here's a shot from earlier today.....
it was making a crazy-loud drippy noise- so I decided to give myself a little thrill and balance on the radiator in front of the window- while leaning out of the top 1/2 of the window on the second floor- hammer in hand- praying not to fall to my serious injury in the rhododendron below...

....I made it!  I am alive and well- although the gutter is not perfect- its better!

onto the final topic of today....
We recently discovered that we have twins at our house!
Twin ponies!!!!

Here's how the conversation went...
Z: "Mommy look- these two ponies are the same!"
Me: "Oh wow- they are the same! How cool!  they're twins! What's that picture on their bottom..?"
Z: "A paintbrush!"
Me: "Oh cool- what do you think their name is?"
Z: "Oh...probably Collage!!!!"
(she's a butterfly fairy...I'm working on refining the fine art of face painting- prepping for Z's summer birthday party)

Ummmmm- okay...I was thinking more like Monet or something similar- along the line of french impressionists....but Collage sounds good to me:)


  1. i love those husband would run up and down the street for 1.00 for those stairs..

  2. Keep on painting, sister :)! Amazing!