Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everyone Loves A Good Cupcake!

One of the the dedicated teachers I work with a couple days a week (as a reading tutor at the school where I was formally the visual art teacher) asked me to make a a cupcake themed painting for a charity event for a school.  While cupcakes are not something I typically paint- I thought it would be a fun project- and for a great cause!  I decided to do a multimedia painting- using collage and sewing to create a  fun piece of cupcake art!  Here it is...

This fabric- posted recently on My List Becomes His List- was the inspiration for the background design- which is hand painted.

(Zenyatta Mondatta by Shumacher in Peacock)
SO gorgeous...and if you really want to drool- check out their fabric selection- it's perfection!

The foreground, plate and cupcake are made out of decorative paper and fabric.

What do you think?


  1. I love it! I have to admit- I was a bit skeptical when you told me about this project. While I LOVE cupcakes (who doesn't) I've seen quite a bit of cupcake art around etsy and it's cute, but not your style. I think you did an awesome job of making a piece that is appealing and consistent with your other work. I love the mixed media and the textures you created! The subdued palette is also really nice and tones down the cute factor.

  2. LOVE!!!!!!! It's always cool to take on projects that aren't your norm. You did a great job!!

  3. You are Amazing ! My kids loved the book:) so did I ! Thank you for your generosity.