Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project File: Dining Room Buffet Facelift

The HORRENDOUS before....

and the much better after...

I had planned on the potential of painting the whole thing the same dark glossy teal of our front door- but after applying it to the top- I decided to go with the white: reason being- The teal looked dreadful against the gray walls- so much so that I couldn't handle it- especially since I was in a major state of decorator mania- doing 5,000 projects knowing that I'd be starting classes Monday and would have very little time for anything beyond research, psychology, and multi cultural counseling for the next 6 weeks. Specifically repainting the whole dinning room!

After having all of the classes in the past 2 days- I am correct in my assumption. I will not be doing anything but school work (and regular work) for the next 6 weeks- this will most likely be my last post until then:(

So- for the buffet- I removed all the doors- sanded the doors and base joints, filled all holes, re-sanded, then applied 3 coats of semi-gloss white paint (it's my trim paint that I use for the whole house I have a 5 gallon bucket in my basement)

Then I drilled new holes and installed all of the new hardware....I was going for the campaign chest look- I think that larger hardware would have been better- possibly the width of the trim? but this works fine for now!)

BIG improvement in my humble opinion! OH- and best part of tackling big projects- it forces you to clean out other areas- i.e. INSIDE of the clean as a whistle!!

And you may have noticed I moved furniture around again- I put the (to-be-reupholstered) gold Brimfield couch in the living room instead.
We also got a temporary sofa from my parents and moved our older/more grubby current living room couch into the basement play room- and turned it into a more family friendly area:

Which then forced me to reevaluate my sewing table/fabric stash- and hence clean/organize that area: (because, of course I had to make new pillows for the couches:)

and I finally got around to covering an old cork board I inherited- I just wrapped it in a fabric scrap- staple gunned it on the back- and pushed in a border of brass upholstery tacks I picked up at the hardware store- SUCH a simple project! literally 30 mins max!!

and in the midst of this compulsive frenzy of projects/decorating- My oldest Angelbaby graduated from pre-school. INSANE! and so much harder for me then I thought it would be (which probably contributed to the compulsive frenzy:)



  1. big week! The console looks so fresh! I am jealous of your dedicated sewing space. Your daughter is adorable, happy graduation! :-)

  2. everything looks WONDERFUL! The basement is so cozy now! xoox