Friday, June 29, 2012


should be writing the introduction to my thesis...or writing up two interviews that I need to conduct...or re-writing my resume....or working on one of 2, 30 minute presentations I have to give in the next 2 weeks....

but it's hotter than heaven (heaven better be cooler than this!)

and instead of working- I am doing a little bit of lounging....

and enjoying a physical game of pool bball...

I am relaxed and trying to appreciate the little things:

1: The infrequent moments (right now when a little breeze is passing by)
2: Two precious Angelbabies playing nicely and imaginativly together without any assistance or encouragment by this hot Mama
3: This sweet old dog sitting beside me in the grass

It's the little things that get my hot and tired brain through days like this:)

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