Sunday, September 19, 2010

We have a hatchling!!!!

I must say- this is the most excitement we've had around here in a looong time!- probably since Moses' birth:)

The day before butterfly #1 was born I took this picture of 4 beautiful green chrysali, and literally, when I woke up the next morning....

the first one to spin looked like this....
(this was also the one that I hot glued to the ceiling of the box)

Having participated in the process a few times as a child, I knew that the transformation was going to happen soon- so we kept a close eye on the box all day.  While making dinner, I reminded Z to check on the butterfly- to my surprise she said "Mom its coming out!", I quick grabbed my camera and caught it as it came out of the chrysalis- it was really cool to witness!

Notice its wings are still folded up slightly...

My little angel-baby-scientists were so excited they nearly jumped into the box with the butterfly!

I decided to hold it (maybe a little too soon, its wings were slightly damp- I would wait a few hours after hatching)

I did let both children hold it- I would now put a minimum age of 2.5 years on that- Moses was quickly banished to his high chair for observation- note him in the background in the next 3 shots

1. Contently observing
2. Reaching
3. Full-on tantrum

Z did a great job- she would have held it all day if I had let her.

then I brought it outside, and placed it on the hydrangea bush- and it flapped its wings a couple times, and flew away.

We have since had 2 more "births"- it never gets old!  We can't wait to do this again next year!

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