Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School!

I can hardly believe my little girl is in Pre-School already.

I have mixed feelings about this life transition (more about my views on public education in its present state, etc.) and that has caused me some anxiety during this process, but I feel like we have picked a wonderful little school- which emphasizes on community and parental involvement- and I think its a great fit for our family.

Zella had a wonderful day- the highlight of which was painting, the lowlight of which was asking to use dress up clothes and her teacher saying "no".  But in all- she had a very positive first experience!

Picture #1- (not her "real smile")

Picture #2- her reaction to me asking "are you excited to go to school?"...

Picture #3- profile with backpack....the eyebrows are this way thanks to Rosemary Wells- creator of Max and Ruby- Max makes this lovely pouting face that Z so perfectly imitates more often then not....very Raven Simone circa Cosby show don't ya' think?

Picture #4- a little brotherly love

Picture #5- after our walk to school- this is the genuine Zella smile! sooo sweet.

It was a good day!


  1. Z is so funny and adorable! I can't wait to hear all her school tales!

    Auntie Em

  2. So cute! I hope she's enjoying school.