Monday, September 24, 2012

Old News, Leg-o-matic, and Construction

These pictures are now weeks old- and the feelings of reminiscent Mommy have faded slightly, but are still present:)

Not only did my oldest go off to Kindergarten this year (something that I personally am still adjusting to, but the fact that her teacher is AMAZING has made the transition a whole lot easier)....Mr.Man has also started school this year! Jeesh!!  he's doing great- it's old hat for him after taking Zel to the same place for the past 2 years:)

Here's my big pre-schooler on his first day:)

and a backpack shot:) He's in love with the's from Lands End via our local Sears store:)

On the home decor front....look what I nabbed in the 50% off bargain basement of my local antique store for $10!?! (that's right- T E N whole dollars- insanity!)


Don't you love the detail??!!

I literally took a scrap of fabric, unscrewed the seat, stapled it on the bottom, and reattached...quick, painless and very satisfying!  ( The fabric is Premiere Prints FYI)

and, wait-look at the trick it does ....

it now sits here at my dining room desk area

and it makes me smile:)

Oh- and one more thing that's been happening round here....This is the view from my front doorway.....

and also my 6:45 am alarm clock every weekday morning lately- one good thing about this project is that we will soon be getting a new driveway out of the construction deal...not to shabby!


  1. Mosie is GIGANTIC!!! He looks pumped to be going to school. And I LOOOOOVE that chair-what an amazing find!! And it folds?! Love.

  2. I think its awesome you didn't have to paint the chair...I find myself passing up items lately because I just don't want to do too much work. That was a fabulous find!

    Your little man is too cute. And so grown up :-)

  3. Aw I cannot get over the Mosie pictures :) He is beyond adorable. Man I miss him, you, Z & D! xoxoxox