Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

So, for the new powder room I had big plans of recreating this fabulous sunburst mirror DIY.

In the tutorial the writer mentioned it costing around $50 for the supplies- not bad....but combined with the time it would take me to assemble it,  I decided to skip it and take my chances with my neighborhood antique store.;)....and low and behold- SCORE!

Here's what I found:

a fabulous vintage wooden (painted gold) mirror- $42 on sale for $35. SOLD!

Here's what I did to brighten the baby up!



And here's how it looks in the new powder room.

I also added a couple paintings beside it on the wall that I have been wanting to hang for years now.

they are close to my heart because Zella and I made them when she was tiny:)) (I painted the backgroound color and drew lines into the wet paint and when it was dry Zella went to town with various shades of gray)

Oh- and we moved the light fixture from the bedroom downstairs for the powder room- I'm digging the mix of old/new, brass/silver!


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