Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Up??!!!

Well, it's been quite the week here- between a three year old with bronchitis, a traveling partner and our bikes getting stolen out of the garage:( -I am left feeling slightly defeated and depleted- so I thought I'd post today about some of the positive things that are happening round these parts- to counter balance what seems like a lot of negatives:

Look at these two little buddies

I seriously CANNOT imagine my life without animals

animals OR children for that matter...instant LOVE and JOY

Here's my current BFF

yup- that's right, it's a digital recorder. I am an interviewing maniac!!! 4 down, 2 more to go!! Trying to get my research work done this week is CHALLENGING to say the least- I had an interview via Skype with a woman in Ohio today and planned it when the kids were both going to be at school- then ended up having to get Mosie from school early (still sickly) an hour before the interview was gonna start!!!- but he was a champ and didn't interrupt me during the interview:) - thank you to the technology of television and movies on demand! PHEW!!

made this for dinner last night- big sister EM has been whipping up these great root veggie casseroles- that was my inspiration (not the best pic- but you get the idea)....

INSANELY GOOD- here's what it is- I used my new fabulous food processor (thank you Grammy Sheila) and thin sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips and acorn squash. Tossed them all in EVOO, salt and pepper, a few cloves of garlic, goat cheese, and dill in a tube (genius product here)- into a casserole dish- topped with a little shredded parm- baked for 60 min.'s at 400 degrees- PERFECTION- so easy and SO , SO TASTY!!

I have some how?????made time to paint in the last month- thank goodness.
The first piece is a commission of sorts- someone won my services at an auction last spring for mural painting- she was concerned about the permanency of a mural and asked if I could do something on canvas instead- OF COURSE I CAN!

She emailed me this inspiration shot of the beach she grew up at

Here's what I came up with.

What do you think? I am still going to work the foreground a bit more, but I'd love some feedback:)

I also did these two little guys- (BOTH FOR SALE - contact me if you're interested!!)

I attended a mindfulness based meditation workshop a couple weeks ago and was blown away- and inspired- so the next day I went with it-and rearranged my only own personal space in our home (my studio) and set up a spot for meditation

Here it is

and below is where I plan on making a small meditation "shrine" type of thing on the wall out of reclaimed wood (will be looking for some this weekend!)

it was also a great chance to reorganize the studio and clean things out- I picked up these super-duper cheap shelves from IKEA to assist in the process

it feels so much larger- and more peaceful in here now- I also whipped up some of my favorite- super-simple-grommet drapes out of a Target shower curtain- 4 curtains out of 1 shower curtain- BARGAIN! I have these drapes here, here and here in our house:)- and also in a hallway that I don't have a picture of:)

I also have a couple special pics I wanted to share with ya'll-

This is a figure study watercolor panting I made my first year of college- still love it:) Contact me if you're interested in this piece too- it would be lovely in a bathroom;)

and I recently acquired a bunch of old photos from one of my grandmothers- this is a picture of my Dad as a little guy playing in the sandbox with his little sister and father after work- so precious!!

That's all I got:) Hope you are all well- thanks for stopping by!

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  1. One- I love the picture of Beau and River.
    Two- I am really into the new turquoise painting. So cool! And the beach painting is beautiful!
    Three- The picture of Dad- so precious :) What house are they sitting outside of??

    This entire post brought a smile to my face!