Thursday, July 22, 2010

Imagination and Blueberries

When ignored- by which I mean, I turn my back, stop the conversation and look really busy- this is what she eventually does...

All the while talking to herself...
"5 Birthday candles.... Max here's your are you sleeping?....goodnight!....little jack horners, sat in the corners, eating his Christmas pies'es....there-comfy seat for the babies....snug as a bug in a rug...." 

If you are familiar with Max and Ruby (Books by Rosemary Wells, TV show on nick Jr.- you may recognize many of those lines- this is Zella's favorite thing to pretend)

We recently went to the doctor for her 3 year check up- she asked if I had any developmental/behavior questions or concerns.  I decided to bring up the recent paranoia/phobic/anti-social behavior she has been occasionally exhibiting...  (working in a psych hospital does not serve me well sometimes- as I am constantly jumping to conclusions and diagnosing those around me with various disorders)  Anyway....she explained to me that at this age- their imagination is extremely active, and that leads to sometimes irrational fears, etc. That makes sense... this too shall pass.

I am a strong supporter of hands on parenting and playing with your kids, but some independent play time is important too! I can tell that it relaxes her, and boy did she need it after a fun filled morning of blueberrying!

We had a lot of fun for about 40 min., then things started to go a little sour...

Poor Mosie!!!! The super crowded wagon ride back did not make things any easier for the little guy!

Zella was a trooper though- and we made it home unscathed (after stopping at the near-by farmers market for apple cider donuts first)! 

While Z plays independently and Mosie sleeps- I contemplate all of the possibilities for sweet blueberry treats....if only we'd picked a few more pounds! More to come tomorrow with what I decide to make tonight...pancakes? tarts? mufflins????

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  1. I love Z's little mumblings... so cute! Auntie Emily